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CHANTELLE KAMARA EDWARDS : Aboriginal Art: 30x79cm


ARTISTS: Chantelle Kamara Edwards 
REGION:  Darwin, N.T
CIRCA: 2008
LANGUAGE: Anmatyerre/Kaytetye/Alawayerre/Tiwi
MEDIUM: Painting - acrylic on canvas

Chantelle is the eldest daughter of the well-known artist Louise Numina. She comes from a large extended family of talented artists. Her Grandfather was the older brother to the renowned artists Ada Bird, Gloria, Kathleen and Violet Petyarre, all of whom taught and influenced her mother and her six aunties by sharing the Dreaming's and styles of how to paint their stories.

Chantelle's mother and aunties are instrumental in teaching these stories to her, her brother and her little sister so they may in turn pass them on to the next generation.

See Louise Numina's Children's Art Work 'Profile & Collections' page for further information and to see more of her artwork. 

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