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#126 Soakage - LOUISE NUMINA : Aboriginal Art: 67x93cm


ARTISTS: Louise Numina
LANGUAGE: Amnatajerre / Kaytetye - Utopia North Central Desert region
TITLE: Soakage
MEDIUM: Painting - acrylic on canvas

'When the rains come the ground is so dry the rain pools on the surface before it soaks into the earth and makes waterholes, we call this soakage'.

Louise is one of six sisters and three brothers.  She went to primary school at Stirling Station, near Tennant Creek.  She later studied at Yirara College in Alice Springs. When she returned to Stirling Station she worked with a Community Development Program in 1981 and was taught to paint by her Aunties, renowned artists Gloria and Kathleen Petyerre from Utopia..

Louise moved to Darwin in 1995 where she studied at Nungalinya College and attended Northern Territory University (now CDU) where she gained a diploma in fine arts. 
Louise’s work has featured in exhibitions in Darwin and Sydney and her work has been collected internationally by art lovers, institutions and collectors for over 15 years.

See Louise Numina's 'Profile & Collections' page for further information and to see more of her artwork. 

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