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#114 Desert Flowers - SHARON NUMINA : Utopia Aboriginal Art SIZE: 90 x 142cm


ARTIST: Sharon Numina 
LANGUAGE: Amnatajerre / Kaytetye - Utopia North Central Desert region
TITLE: Desert Flowers
MEDIUM - Painting - acrylic on canvas 

Sharon the youngest of her five sisters and three brothers were brought up in Utopia and Stirling Station. Their father was the older brother to the renowned artists Ada Bird, Gloria, Kathleen and Violet Petyarre all of whom taught and influenced all of the Numina sisters, sharing the Dreaming’s and styles of how to painting the stories.

The Numina sisters use the well-established painting styles and forms developed by the Utopia artists who have been dominant figures in the Central Desert art movement for the past 40 years. Drawing on the rich tradition of shared ceremony and Dreaming stories, the Utopia women artists have created images that reflect the deep connection to the land and its resources.

Sharon has lived in Darwin since 1995 and attended Kormilda College in Darwin.
Sharon’s art has been exhibited throughout Australia. Sharon is instrumental in offering artistic guidance to her niece Sharon Turner, whom she has a close relationship with.

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