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#115 Gwion Gwion - GINA KARADADA : Aboriginal Art : 82 x 150cm


ARTIST: Regina Karadada
LANGUAGE: Woonambal
REGION: Kalumburu
TITLE: Gwion Gwion - Bradshaw
MEDIUM: Painting - acrylic on canvas

“There was this little bird, Kujon, who made these painting on the rocks.

And then, when the Wandjina saw those paintings he decided to bring them down to earth so they could help with their power.

In my country the Bradshaw look after the food, they make sure we have enough food.”

Artist Biography: 

Regina was born in the Wyndham and grew up in Kalumburu. “I used to watch Rosie and Louis (Karadada), my parents, paintings and that’s how I learned. My dad used to do carving with a sharp wire on the slate.”

Regina has been painting for several years. She is a senior cultural leader on the community.

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