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#32 Young Dingo Dreaming- CAROLINE NUMINA : Aboriginal Art: 57x115cm


ARTIST: Caroline Numina
LANGUAGE: Amnatajerre / Kaytetye
REGION: Utopia Central Desert
TITLE: Young Dingo Dreaming
MEDIUM: Painting - acrylic on canvas

*All paintings come with a Certificate of Authenticity and are signed by the artist*

'This is the story of the Dingo. The dingo looks for watering the creek-beds and rock-holes. The white dots represent the Dingo tracks of the Dingo's journey across the desert and sand-hills to find the water'.

The Numina Sisters' bright and colourful bush medicine leaf paintings depict the different combinations of leaves used and how the leaves look different throughout the seasons or how they have fallen like a forest floor or been gather up or in close focus. Or how the seeds have fallen and separated from the leaves. The brushstrokes flow with the leaf shape pattern or the soft wind blowing them across the bare red dirt. The Numina Sisters all have a unique expression within the overall Bush Medicine Leaves style. Bush Medicine Leaves vivid sometimes flamboyant, sometimes subtle, sometimes even intense contemporary play of the palette gives uplift to the onlooker and the room.

Caroline Numina was born in 1971 and brought up in both Utopia and Stirling station.  Her Father’s Country is in Utopia, as he was the brother of famous artists Gloria and Kathleen Petyarre who taught Caroline to paint.

Caroline and her husband Daniel Pula Turner have six children and live most of the time in Darwin. They still travel regularly to the desert to see family and teach their children.

See Caroline Numina's Collections profile for further information on the artist, her sister artists, and Caroline's other art-series paintings for sale.

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