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#24 Men's Ceremony - SCOTT PURVIS DUGGIE : Stirling Station Aboriginal Art SIZE: 67 x 77cm

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ARTIST: Scott Purvis Duggie
LANGUAGE: Jakamarra / Stirling Station - near Tennant Creek
TITLE: Men's Ceremony
MEDIUM: Painting - acrylic on canvas

This painting is about men's ceremony.  The lines of dots in the centre represent the creekbeds and the circles represent the water where the men paint themselves up and get ready to dance and sing for ceremony.

Scott Purvis is the son of Selina Numina and the Grandson of Barbara Price Mbitjana. His family are from Stirling Station and Utopia. Stirling Station is 255km south of Tennant Creek. Scott's mother, grandmother, aunts and uncles are renowned practicing artists. These elders teach the children the many ceremony stories for Anmatjerra language group. 

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