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#71 Bushfire Dreaming - SONDA TURNER NAMPIJMPA - Aboriginal Art SIZE: 36 x 64cm


REGION: Mt Leibig - Central Desert

TITLE: Watyi-Wanu (Bushfire) Dreaming
MEDIUM: Painting - acrylic on canvas

Story: " All the women went to look for bush-tucker and they burn fire everywhere and they can find bush tucker after the fire burnt out then the other ladies went to creek bed for find water at the creek and they dig yams and make big fire ready - for when they find some witchetty grub and honey ants and collect bush cherries. And they walk to the creek bed and cook on the fire. " Sonda Turner Nampijmpa 2016

The colours dotted in the background represent different parts of the bush-fire story teaching - white being for grass, yellow for ash, pink embers, red flame, black charcoal, green for the first growth of new grasses after the fire, grey smoke and the dark yellow colour is the dung of the wtichetty grub and succulent dirt skinned yams.

See Sonda Nampijmpa Turner's Collections profile for further information on the renowned and popular artist.

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