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Desert Tree Frog - JANET LONG NAKAMARRA : Walpiri Aboriginal Art SIZE: 67cm X 65cm


ARTIST: Janet Long Nkamarra
LANGUAGE: Nkamarra /  Walpiri from Willowra north central desert region.
TITLE: Desert Tree Frog Dreaming
MEDIUM: Painting - acrylic on canvas

Janet paints Country dreaming stories is a blend of traditional and contemporary art style from the Dot-dot art style of the Utopia central desert region.

This is the story of the desert tree frogs skin. When the rains come the skin of the frog changes to the colour of the wet desert sands, this is when the desert frog breeds.
The frog seeks shelter under rocks and can be found near water creek beds in the desert.
When the water dries up, the dots on the painting show the tree frog travelling to another place with water and trees.

See Janet Long Nakamarra's Catalogue for further information and other paitings of Janet's.

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