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#363 Freshwater Crocodile Dreaming - Manuel Nganjmirra : ABORIGINAL ART 40x55cm

AUD $220.00

🌟 Manuel Nganjmirra ğŸŽ¨

Dive into the rich artistic heritage of Gunbulanya (Oenpelli), embodied in the skillful hands of Manuel Nganjmirra. As the son of the renowned spear maker Peterson Nganjmirra and grandson of the esteemed bark painter Peter Nganjmirra, Manuel carries forward a legacy steeped in traditional craftsmanship.

🖌️ Artistic Roots: Hailing from Gunbulanya, Manuel's art is a fusion of ancestral wisdom and contemporary expression. Inspired by the artistic prowess that runs in his bloodline, he weaves a narrative that bridges generations.

🌿 Nature's Canvas: Manuel's artworks reflect a deep connection to the natural world, capturing the essence of Gunbulanya's landscapes and the stories embedded in its cultural tapestry. Each stroke on canvas is a testament to his lineage and the vibrant traditions he upholds.

🌟 Honoring Heritage through Art: In the heart of Darwin, Manuel continues to paint, honoring the artistic heritage passed down through generations. His creations are a testament to the enduring spirit of Gunbulanya's artistic legacy.

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