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Magpie Geese - EDDIE BLITNER : Aboriginal Art SIZE: 97cm X 142cm


ARTIST: Eddie Blitner
AREA: Naiyalrindji -Roper River, Katherine - border of Arnhem Land Region
TITLE: Magpie Geese

MEDIUM: Painting - acrylic on canvas

Eddie Blitner is of the Marra language group from Naiyalrindji country on the mighty Roper River, south east of Katherine in the Northern Territory down the Roper Highway at Yugal Mangi Nkugurr Community in Arnhem Land.

Eddie's family are renowned artists and carvers in the art industry. He is a great Yiddaki (didgeridoo) maker and is a fine traditional carver.

Eddie paints his many family law and culture custodial stories in his paintings of Country landscape, totems, and important food, hunting and season and ceremony . Eddie incorporates totems, spirit profiles, bush-tucker, animals in traditional x-ray style, men's hunting and fishing and corroboree themes.  Eddie takes great care in applying his craft. Often taking weeks to do final touches on his layered stories within the one canvas shot. His paints are a blend of acrylic and flicks of natural ochres and sand on the background to represent Country.

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