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#75 Lightning Man - EDDIE BLITNER - Desert Art Australia : 96x150cm

AUD $880.00

ARTIST: Edward (Eddie) Watts Blitner
REGION: Katherine, N.T

TRIBE: Marra / Borroloola
TITLE: Lightning Man
MEDIUM: Painting - acrylic on canvas

Marra is the Lightning Man.
The body of Marra is shaped like a praying-mantis with rods protruding from his head. These are his power source to light up the clouds and the sky with lightning flashes.
The axes on his shoulders and his knees split trees when he makes a lightning strike on the earth.

Marra comes in late October to tell the Aboriginal people that bush tucker like red apple, green plum and black plum is ready to collect and eat. This is the start of the Northern Territory ‘build-up’ season. He gets stronger through the wet season, striking trees with his axes in January and February until he leaves in early March.


Eddie grew up on Victoria River Downs Cattle Station in the Northern Territory along with other families including the Wavehill boys.

Like many of the Indigenous men on the cattle stations, Eddie became a hardworking stockman on Vic Station, also helping his Grandfather at Beswick Station.

Whilst helping at Beswick Station his Grandfather Fred Blitner showed him the artifacts that the old men did and how they painted on bark. Eddie was keen to learn and started to help the old men. His cousin David Blanazi helped teach Eddie the old men's ways and the stories.

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