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#20 Wandjina - GINA KARADADA : KIMBERLY W.A: Aboriginal Art : 113 x 65cm

  • ARTIST: Regina Karadada

LANGUAGE: Woonambal
REGION: Kalumburu
TITLE: Wandjina
MEDIUM: Painting - acrylic on canvas

“The Wandjina is from the Wunumbal tribe. He is the rainmaker. His eyes are like the eye of the cyclone. The lines and dots around the head can mean a lot of things like, rain clouds or lightning. The Wandjina’s are seen mainly in the Kimberley from Mitchel Plataeu to the Prince Regent”


Regina was born in the Wyndham and grew up in Kalumburu. Kalumburu is an Aboriginal Community set in deep Wandjina Spirit Country. “I used to watch my parents, Rosie and Louis (Karadada), paint and that’s how I learned”

Regina has been painting since the 1980’s and even though she doesn’t have any children of her own, she is a matriarch to many nieces and nephews, passing on her cultural knowledge and teaching them how to paint. She is also a senior cultural leader in her community.

Regina has been included in exhibitions across Australia and continues to carry on the strong tradition of her famous and talented family