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Emu Dreaming (Sml)- SHARON NUMINA : Utopia Aboriginal Art SIZE: 59cm x 81cm


ARTIST: Sharon Numina
LANGUAGE: Amnatajerre / Kaytetye - North Utopia Central Desert region
TITLE: Emu Dreaming
MEDIUM: Painting - acrylic on canvas

This is the story of the emu, my dreaming.  This place is the emu place. The emu looks for water in the creek beds and rock holes.  The circles are the dry waterholes.  The emu tracks are the emu journey across the desert and sand hills to find the water.

Sharon was born in 1981 and attended school in Kormilda College in Darwin.
Sharon is one of six sisters and two brothers.  Her Mother is Barbara Price Mbitjana from Stirling Station near Tenant Creek who is also an artist.

Sharon has been painting for galleries across the country for over nine years.
Her works have been purchased by art lovers and collectors and Sharon’s works were part of a collaborative exhibition in Cairns in 2010.

Sharon paints many stories from her family and is also a strong teacher to the next generation.  Sharon is currently teaching some of her nieces to paint

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