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Mangrove Hunting with Spear - KENNY REID : Larrakia SIZE: 47 cm x 58 cm


ARTISTS: Kenny Reid
LANGUAGE: Larrakia / Arrente
TITLE: Mangrove Hunting with Spear
MEDIUM: Painting - acrylic on canvas

Kenny Reid has been painting and carving (and hunting) for over 20 years. Living most of his life in his grandmother's country he is more vocal to his Larrakia stories and Dreamings for the purposes of art and culture practices and maintenance.

Larrakia is saltwater and freshwater country. It is this Country and cultural inheritance from Granny Ababa that gives Reid his Turtle totem/moiety and other Dreaming stories such as "Itchy Billabong" and "Octopus."

Kenny paints and carves hunting scenes and foods - particularly the prized seasonal fauna such as crab, stingray, turtle, barramundi, bream, magpie goose and bush turkey. Reid collects the timber for his carving while out hunting on Larrakia lands, mangroves and waters around Darwin.

See Kenny Reid's Collections profile for further information on the artist and his other paintings for sale.

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