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Crocodile - JIMI SPRATT, Arnhem Aboriginal Art SIZE: 49cm x 139


ARTIST: Jimi Spratt
REGION: Coburg Peninsular, Arhem Land
SKIN GROUP: Yirritja

TITLE: Crocodile
MEDIUM: Painting: Acrylic on canvas

Jimi Spratt's urban contemporary take on traditional Arnhem styles and modern Aboriginal art is inter-layered with traditional X-ray flora and fauna Arnhem art style, some basic forms of Rrark over scored with strong design lines of the magic of the wild top end.
Wildlife and bush-tucker animals are represented from the North East Arnhem Land coast through to the floodplains and up to the escarpment Country that dots the hinterland inwards across the north of Arnhem Land. There are several major escarpments throughout the Top End that hold great significance and records some of the oldest Aboriginal culture and art. These sites and subjects are some of the strongest unbroken connections of Australia's first peoples.

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