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Men Hunting- ROSS YULIDJIRRI : Kunwinjku - Oenpelli SIZE: 48cm x 47cm

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TITLE: Men Hunting
ARTIST:  Ross Yulidjirri
AREA: Oenpelli
TRIBE: Kunwinjku
PAINTING: Acrylic on canvas

Ross Yiidjirri is the son of Paul Yulidjirri.  When Ross went through his Men’s ceremony, he was taught by his uncle Thompson Yulidjirri,a renowned artist whose works hang in major art galleries and have been illustrated in authentic art books. Thompson is also the keeper of the sacred myths of the Kunwinjku. 

Ross’s Mother, Mary Yulidjirri, was married to Bobby Nganjmirra, regarded by many as the greatest artist of the Kunwinjku tribe.She and Bobby both handed on their 'dreamings' for Ross to paint. By so doing Ross has now become a very important man of stature. His traditional land, owned by his father and uncle, is Nimbuwah Rock, an outstanding feature of the landscape near Oenpelli.


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