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#67 Wallaby Tracks Across My Country Dreaming - Pacinta Turner: SIZE: 140 x 96cm


TITLE: Wallaby Tracks Across My Country Dreaming
ARTIST:  Pacinta Turner
LANGUAGE: Anmattyerre - Utopia Central Desert region
PAINTING: Acrylic on canvas

The Wallaby is Pacinta's totem Dreaming. The straight lines represent marks in the desert left by the Wallaby tails. This painting tells the story of wallaby's moving from high ground to high ground at night near her home in her mother Caroline Numina's Country of north-central desert.

Pacinta's works have been purchased by collectors and investors in Australia and overseas. Her works were first exhibited in Queensland's Emu Apple Gallery and were sold in Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney's Best Aboriginal Art Gallery 2010.

See Pacinta Turner's Collection profile for further information about the artist.

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