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Goanna Dreaming - LANITA NUMINA : Utopia Aboriginal Art SIZE: 95cm x 93cm


ARTIST: Lanita Numina
LANGUAGE: Amnatajerre / Kaytetye - Utopia North Central Desert region
TITLE: Goanna Dreaming
MEDIUM - Painting - acrylic on canvas

This painting is the story of hunting bushfoods. The goanna lives near the waterhole, represented by the circles.  The women make a fire to cook and use digging sticks and a coolamon to collect honey ants and bush tomato. The women gather at the waterhole and are cooking and preparing the bushtucker they have collected.

The goanna is a staple food in these family’s diets and is very high in nourishment. It is placed on coals. The skin turns black when it is cooked.

Lanita was born in 1963 and attended school at Kormilda College in Darwin.  Lanita is one of six sisters and two brothers. Her Mother is Barbara Price Mbitjana from Stirling Station near Tenant Creek who is also an artist and her late Father was a well known stockman and brother to Gloria and Kathleen Petyarre.

Lanita has been painting for galleries across the country for over seven years.

Lanita’s work has been purchased by art lovers and collectors and she has had works in a collaborative exhibition in Cairns in 2010. Lanita paints many stories from her family and is also a strong teacher to the next generation.

See Lanita Numina's Collection page for further information on Lanita and other works for sale.

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