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Womens' Ceremony - BARBARA PRICE MBITJANA : Central Australia Aborginal Art SIZE: 81cm x 109cm

TITLE: Womens' Ceremony
ARTIST: Barbara Price Mbitjana
LANGUAGE: Anmatjerra
MEDIUM: Painting - acrylic on canvas

This dreamtime series are held by many women of the Utopia region. The stories and subject material are important to Women's Business, duties and women ceremonies.

This contemporary Dot-dot abstract painting depicts the sacred Woman ceremony place near Ti Tree in the north of Central Australia desert region. It is not a literal map but more in abstract code for the trained custodial keepers eye, as the precious soaks and water ways exact locations can not be fully revealed to the general public.
The underground waterways and soaks connect up the womens' area where they gather to sing and dance and paint themselves for ceremony - Womens' Ceremony - Awelye. The lines of dots in the centre represent the creek beds.The circles are the waterholes where the ceremony takes place - Sacred Womens' Place - Awelye.

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