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Womens Ceremony - TREPHINA SULTAN : Kaytja - Desert Art Central Australia SIZE: 89cm x 89cm

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ARTIST: Trephina Sultan
LANGUAGE: Kaytja - Alice Springs / Central Desert
TITLE: Womens Ceremony
MEDIUM: Painting - acrylic on canvas

Trephina Sultan is the cousin of well know NT aboriginal artist Reggie Sultan, whom is particulary well known for his depiction of Seven Sisters story.

In aboriginal culture there are many ceremonies. This painting represents a womens ceremony. The women come together, paint their bodies with ritual designs using ochre colours, sing, dance and share stories.

[Ceremonies] are extremely important, apart from their meaningful significance, because they are always of a highly emotional nature, which are closely entwined with the beliefs, social behaviour and life of the tribes. The contemplation of the heroes and ancestors of the past through the chanting of myths and the handling of sacred symbols such as churinga’s, the frequent self infliction of bodily pain, the dancing and the tense atmosphere in which the main act occurs, all work on the emotions, and at the same time cause all present to feel themselves as one. They are with and part of the super ancestors of the Dreamtime.”
Professor A.P. Elkin, The Australian Aborigines, 1938.

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