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BARBARA PRICE MBITJANA - Anmatjerra Artist Ti Tree

LANGUAGE Anmatjerra
BARBARA PRICE MBITJANA was born in 1950 at Bush Park Outstation near Ti Tree. She has 6 daughters, known in the Aboriginal art world as the Numina Sisters, and two sons who do not paint. Barbara holds many ceremony stories for Anmatjerra language group as with her famous artists sisters and aunties. Barbara lives with her families at Stirling Station and has been a practicing artists for many years.
As an elder and senior artist, Barbara paints the old stories of her country and holds some of the secret business stories of her people and kinship groups from the north east Utopia Central Australia Desert region.

She travels to Darwin occasionally to visit her daughters who have chosen to largely live in Darwin after going to high school in Darwin at Kormilda College. Sadly her loving husband passed away. He was a much respected stockman and cultural lawman. Father to their 8 children. Her daughters and their children visit Barbara back home in Ti Tree irregularly but as often as they can or as is culturally required.

Unless otherwise stated all paintings are acrylic on canvas.