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PACINTA TURNER - Aboriginal Artist from Utopia country : Anmattyerre

PACINTA TURNER is from Utopia and was born in 1999. Her language is Annatyerre.
Pacinta Turners's skin name is Nakamarra and she paints "My Country" and her totem dreaming for wallaby which is seen by the tracks in her artworks. The dotted lines portray the about the wallaby moving from high ground to high ground at night in the desert near her home.

Pacinta's Country was first painted by the late and internationally credited and collected Emily Kame Kngwarreye. Pancinta is the daughter of established indigenous artists Caroline Numina Pananka and Daniel Pula Turner. Her mother's aunty is Gloria Petyarrre and her father Daniel Pula is closely related to the late and highly collected artist Minnie Pwerel. Her mother Caroline and her elders have taught and continue to teach Pacinta to paint her cultural dreaming stories

Pacinta's works have been purchased by collectors and investors in Australia and overseas. Her works were first exhibited in Queensland's Emu Apple Gallery and were sold in Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney's Best Aboriginal Art Gallery 2010.

Pacinta is in her emerging years and becoming a respected cultural representative in art of the story of the her family and relatives dreamings and holding up the heritage of strong artist in her strong artist families.

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Unless otherwise stated all paintings are acrylic on canvas.