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JACINDA HAYES - Aboriginal artist from Alice Springs, N.T, Central Desert Region

JACINDA HAYES - Artist from Alice Springs N.T

Jacinda Hayes is a young artist from Alice Springs. She re-located to Darwin in 2019 for better schooling opportunities for her 6 children.
Jacinda’s great aunt is the famous artist Gloria Petyarre and her grandmother is the well-known artist Margaret Scobie. Margaret and Gloria are first cousins
Jacinda tells of how Gloria passed on the ‘Bush Medicine Leaves’ Dreaming toher Grandmother Margaret as health challenges arose. Gloria wanted to ensure the Dreaming was continued.
Margaret in turn passed this Dreaming on to Jacinda as she is her eldest grand-daughter.
Jacinda spent a lot of  time with her grandmother learning how to use colour and the brush, “this keeps the culture strong and keeps the connection”. Jacinda will pass this Dreaming down to her children in the hope that they will pass it to theirs and so on.