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#249 Butterfly Dreaming (Teal/White) - Katrina Napaljarri Spencer: ABORIGINAL ART: 37x57

AUD $280.00

ARTIST: Katrina Napaljarri Spencer
REGION: Yuendumu NT & Ceduna SA

TITLE: Butterfly Dreaming
MEDIUM: Painting - acrylic on canvas

Hailing from Yuendumu in the Northern Territory, Katrina has also immersed herself in the artistic atmosphere of the Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre in Ceduna, South Australia.

Her artistic repertoire spans from Bush Medicine Leaves & Seeds to dreamings of emu, goanna, and possum. Katrina employs intricate dot work to craft symbolistic pieces, a skill that garnered her the honor of showcasing her art at the "Our Mob" exhibition in 2008 at the Adelaide Festival Centre.

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