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#301 Womens Body Design (Multi): ANNA PETYARRE: Aboriginal Art: 92x165cm

AUD $3,300.00


ARTIST: Anna Petyarre
LANGUAGE: Amnatayerre - Utopia Central Desert region
TITLE:  Women's Body Design  
MEDIUM: Painting - acrylic on canvas


Artist Profile - Anna Petyarre

Anna Petyarre, also known as Anna Pitjara and Anna Price Pitjara, was born circa 1965 in the Utopia region of the Northern Territory. She carries a rich artistic heritage as the daughter of the late Gloria Ngale, a revered Elder and artist, and the niece of the late Emily Kame Kngwarreye, one of Australia's most celebrated artists. Her ancestral ties connect her to the Alhalkere Region, and she proudly belongs to the Anmatyerre Language Group.

Currently residing and creating her masterpieces at Mulga Bore, a community approximately 200 km from Alice Springs, Anna has recently expanded her horizons, sharing her art with the world. Her artistic odyssey began during her childhood, surrounded by some of the region's most esteemed artists. In 1996, she took the leap into her professional artistic career.

Anna's artistic repertoire spans a wide spectrum, encompassing Body Paint, Bush Tucker (including Yam, Wildflower, and Bush Potato), and Women's Ceremony. Her artistic style is a reflection of her diverse influences, ranging from bold linear compositions with brightly colored overlay strokes (inherited from her early experiences with Batik works) to intricate dotwork in more subdued tones.

Beyond her artistry, Anna embodies tradition and actively participates in Women's Business, immersing herself in the Dreaming stories of her family and culture. She is well-educated and serves as a remarkable ambassador not only for her people but also for the rich artistic heritage of Utopia.

Anna's artistic brilliance has graced numerous exhibitions both within Australia and on the international stage. She has also contributed her talent to esteemed galleries in major cities. Her journey through art is a testament to her dedication to preserving culture and tradition.

This dynamic exploration of tradition, culture, and the evolving narrative of her people is what defines Anna Petyarre's remarkable artistic journey.

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