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#385 Crocodile - KENNY REID: Aboriginal Art: 48x8x4cm

AUD $180.00

TITLE: Crocodile
ARTIST:  Kenny Reid
LANGUAGE: Larrakia
REIGON: Larrakia - Darwin
PAINTING: Acrylic on Wood

*All paintings come with a Certificate of Authenticity and are signed by the artist*


Kenny Reid grew up in the Northern Territory and is an artist and carver and has been painting both traditional and contemporary works for over 20 years.  Kenny Reid is a great grandson of Granny Ababa, a traditional Larrakia woman. He also has family from Northern and Eastern Arrente.

Kenny's Larrakia Totem is Turtle and he paints his Larrakia family Dreaming stories, which have been passed down from Granny Ubaba. These stories include “Itchy Billabong” and “Octopus”.  Kenny also paints traditional hunting stories and hunts regularly during the different seasons on Larrakia country. While out hunting Kenny collects the timber for his carvings as he is a great carver, carving clap sticks, spears as well as birds and saltwater animals.

Kenny is also a renowned rock carver and has been commissioned regularly for large public works in the NT.

Kenny’s art and designs are exhibited at the Ghan train terminal in Darwin. He carved a dugout canoe for the Larrakia Museum Project in 2003 which is on display at the Koomali Art Centre in Bachelor.

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