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#366 Western Desert Dreaming - Artist: LAWRENCE KARPA 52x126cm

AUD $660.00

Region:  South of Yuendumu NT  Walukulangu

Language:  Luritja 

Circa:  1967

Medium:  Acrylic on Belgium Linen

Title: Western Desert Dreaming

Lawrence Karpa is a talented Artist born on 20th March 1967.  He grew up in a big family with one sister, two brothers and other family members in Papunya.  He was taught how to paint by is Mother, Mary Dixson and his Father, the famous Kaapa Mbitjana Tjampitjinpa Karpa who was a contemporary Indigenous Australian Artist of Anmatyerre and one of the first members of the Papunya Tula Artist Company.

Lawrence was influenced by this environment where he adopted his own style of painting of the Western Desert.  

After getting married to Artist Vanessa Charles and forming his own family of two daughters and two sons, he decided to leave Papunya and travel to Northern Territority by bus, exploring the country and other different Art styles.

He arrived and settled in Darwin in 2011 where he now lives with some of his family in Malak.  He likes to paint in the traditional way sitting on the ground in open space.

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