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#181 Bush Foods (Multi) MEREDITH CURLEY: Aboriginal Art 152x92cm

AUD $1,450.00

Region:  Fregon, Apy Lands, South Australia

Medium:  Acrylic on Canvas

Completed: 6th of Nov 2022

Title: Bush Foods

Biography: Meredith comes from a renowned family of Artists.  Her Mother is Imitjala Curley who is a well established Artist in her own right, both as a painter and a weaver.  Her Father was Kun Curley (deceased) and she is one of five Sisters.  As the daughter of a senior traditional woman, Meredith holds cultural knowledge relating to the Ngapari - sugar leaf or lerp - Tjukurpa at Watarru.  Meredith is an early career artist and is coached very closely by her oldest Sister, Madeline Curley who is also an accomplished Artist.  Her connection to the Kampurparpa Tjukurpa in the Walytjitjata region is through her Mother's Mother, Puni Puni.  It is a small homeland just over the Northern Territory border about 46km North of Kalka on the APY Lands.

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