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#352 Hand Woven Basket - LINDA GANYILA - Aboriginal Art: Small/Medium

AUD $250.00

Hand Woven Pandanus Basket.

Region: Echo Island, Northern Territory 

Date: 21st Nov, 2023.

Weaving Techniques: Our skilled artisans employ a meticulous process that begins with gathering pandanus leaves, palms, burney or jungle vine, and the inner bark of kurrajong and stringybark eucalyptus trees. This careful selection allows for the creation of utilitarian, decorative, ceremonial, and sculptural masterpieces.

Harvesting and Dying: The journey begins with the harvesting of pandanus leaves, a crucial step in the weaving process. These leaves are then carefully dyed using natural pigments sourced from roots, leaves, or flowers within the weaver’s clan estate. This sustainable practice not only adds vibrant hues to the materials but also connects the artwork to the earth from which it springs.

Stripping and Preparation: Once dyed, the pandanus leaves undergo a meticulous stripping process, where artisans extract fine fibers with precision. This crucial step ensures the flexibility and strength of the material. The inner bark of kurrajong and stringybark eucalyptus trees also undergoes a meticulous preparation process, transforming it into a pliable and resilient element for weaving.

Weaving Mastery: Women, the primary artisans in this craft, take center stage in the physically demanding yet deeply rewarding art of weaving. Each strand is carefully placed, with a stick or tool, creating intricate patterns that reflect both tradition and individual creativity. The weaving process itself becomes a form of storytelling, embodying cultural heritage and passing it down through generations.

Innovation in Tradition: From mats to dillybags, string bags to baskets, every piece is a unique expression of the artist's creativity. The coiling technique, introduced in the 1920s, has evolved into a sophisticated method, creating patterns that are not just visually captivating but also carry profound cultural meanings.

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